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David Davison

I remember with some fondness Denis Norden and his clipboard each Christmas taking us through another collection of bloopers and mishaps. The strange thing was that the title was a bit misleading as it quite clearly never was alright on the night.

Early in 2010 I made some predictions about the likely outcome of the SFHA pension schemes actuarial valuation and unfortunately when the results were made public these proved to be all too accurate . As I mentioned in the later blog you really didn’t have to be Derren Brown or own a fully functioning crystal ball to arrive at the results. Read more »

David Davison

A wave of optimism broke out as I read a recent interview with Sarah Smart, the Chair of the Pensions Trust (“the Trust”) in which she quite sensibly highlighted the risks faced by charities from their final salary pension schemes.

However the optimism was short lived, as whilst finding it difficult to disagree with the sentiments expressed they struck me as being at odds with another recent article where Mrs Smart appeared to continue to promote the use of Defined Benefit schemes with the statement “Despite numerous and well-publicised assassination attempts on DB Schemes over the past few years, I remain hopeful that they may yet prove to be Rasputin-like in their resilience and stubbornly refuse to lay down and die.” In the same article she had confirmed that she had effectively turned a DC Governance seminar into a sales pitch for DB. Am I the only one who sees some inconsistency here? Read more »

David Davison

Pension liabilities have been cited as one of the main barriers to pursuing a merger, and it is understandable given the complexities of the legislation, HR issues and potential threat of triggering a significant financial burden.

It is no wonder then that the last two years has seen few mergers completed and a significant number being abandoned before conclusion.

Mergers are inevitable in the current market environment as a way of improving competitiveness, scale and efficiencies, but to navigate the pension minefield professional advice sought at an early stage of the negotiations is vital.

This advice would allow a full investigation of the implications of any change to ensure short term objectives are not being met at the expense of the long term security of the organisation.

Read the full article by David Davison at Civil Society.

David Davison

The Charity Finance Directors Group (CFDG) have announced plans to research the true scale of the charity sector’s final salary pension problem.

David Davison for Civil Society, explains why the focus should not be on the size of the number, but on how to address the issues, engage all stakeholders and formulate a ‘blueprint for change’.

David Davison

David Davison provides insight to Third Sector magazine on the implications of final salary benefits to participants in the Scottish Voluntary Sector Pension Scheme (SVSPS), and the implications of the ‘last man standing’ basis of the scheme and the impact it might have on those charities participating.

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