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Back to the Future

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What a year it’s been so far; austerity measures being relaxed, an economy on the up, Team GB achieving sporting excellence, big royal news, tension in Korea, ground-breaking science and technological progress abound, and Ian Fleming’s James Bond is a massive hit…oh yes, 1953 has been quite a year. Just around the corner, Bill Hailey and the Comets’ “Rock around the Clock” is about to usher in a brave new world of teenagers, Sputnik and Elvis. The grey world of the post-war period is most definitely over and the nation is about to walk blinking into a bright, technicolour future.

The sense of national purpose and social cohesion, which gave birth to the National Health Service (NHS) and the welfare state, may seem alien to today’s more cosmopolitan, more cynical times, but 1953 probably exemplifies a time when people had a more genuine sense that, as a nation, we were ‘all in this together’. It was the time of big projects and big ideas. Some, like the NHS, have become embedded in our collective consciousness as treasured national institutions, while others have been long discarded or forgotten. Read more »

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