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  Input some basic information about your scheme and see how much it should typically cost to administer for a year  
  this fee modeller is for defined benefit schemes only  
  refer to notes              
  see assumptions              
  Number of active members      
  Number of deferred members      
  Total deferreds and actives      
  Is the scheme closed to new entrants?      
  Number of pensioner members      
  Do you require a cash management service?      
  Do require administration of group life assurance scheme?      
  How is your pensioner payroll administered?      
  Total number of calculations assumed      
  Core administration services        
  Inclusive within each of the elements is an allowance for ongoing administration system maintenance, scheme management and internal and external compliance with Regulatory requirements and internal procedures and processes          
  Benefit calculations       Link to Spence & Partners Administration Services Page  
  Benefit settlements       Link to Spence & Partners Data Services page    
  Annual Statements for members (includes annual production of Summary Funding Statements)       E-mail Mike Selby  
  New entrant processing       Please refer to our Terms page  
  Reporting of Management information for Trustees, preparation for and/or attendance at meetings      
  Provision of information to third parties (e.g. Scheme Actuary)      
  Correspondence with HMRC / NICO          
  Non specific member / client correspondence        
  Additional administration services          
  Payment of pensions        
  Pension increases        
  Group risk administration        
  AVC processing (including provision of SMPI compliant Statements if required)        
  Cash management (including processing of contributions)        
  Preparation of draft Report & Accounts        
  Estimated annual cost for administration